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We are several people on the same booking number, how can we order?

Individuals log in with their own surname and booking number. A separate order can be created for each family member. Or you can place one order for everyone.

How do I change a placed order?

It´s not possible to change an order in the web shop. Please contact our customer service.

How do I change the number of products/delete all of my order in the web?

Proceed to payment. In the first payment step, you can delete or change the number of products.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order via customer service.

What happens if some of my order is missing (e.g. crew was unsuccessful to deliver what you ordered)?

The crew will offer you an alternative instead. If you do not want the alternative we will refund you.

How to contact customer service?

Please write to us at Hello@gategroup.com

From which destinations can I preorder from?

Boutique products will only be available on transoceanic flights to/from the US or LATAM. Sandwiches will not be available on transoceanic flights from the US or LATAM. And lasagna and rice chicken will not be available on transoceanic flights departing from the US. However, soon you will have it available on all flights.

Why is my order refused payment with my credit card?

It's possible that your payment order is rejected due to the security level that some banks establish in transactions made with credit cards (offline transactions, transactions from another continent ...).
In this case, we suggest using another card.