How it works

Perorder on your own terms,jpeg/czNmcy1wdWJsaWMvMjAyMi0xMS9hZWEtaG93LXRvLW1vYmlsLnBuZw

1. Browse and preorder

Enter your surname and reservation number here. Place your order up to 48 h before your flight.

2. Take it easy onboard

Select your flight number, your pre-order products and they will be delivered to you onboard.

3. Delivered to your seat

Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the date of your order. The crew will deliver your order on board!,jpeg/czNmcy1wdWJsaWMvMjAyMy0wMy9hZWEtYmx1ZS1iYW5uZXItbW9iaWwuanBn